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Third Party Collection Services

Immediate Collection Service

Upon receipt of your accounts, we will assign your account to one of our Account Adjustors to immediately contact your customer to attempt to collect the balance and any additional interest or service charges, where applicable.

An investigation of your customers financial condition will promptly be determined and reported in writing. If attempts to collect are unsuccessful we may recommend our Attorney Forwarding Service.

In addition, should we not be successful in collecting, you will not be charged.

Attorney Forwarding Service

CISCO has a network of bonded attorneys located throughout the United Sates, as well as internationally. If necessary, we will forward your account to a select attorney, located in your customer's area.

The attorney will make a final demand for payment. If a lawsuit is recommended, a detailed letter will be sent to you immediately outlining all required costs. Only with prior approval by YOU, will the attorney be authorized to begin any legal proceedings, incur any expense charged to you, or compromise any debt.
If suit is authorized, it will be necessary for you to advance court costs. These costs include court clerk's fees for recording the suit, service of process, entering judgment and issuing execution.
Expended costs are made a part of all judgments obtained and are chargeable to the defendant.

+Plus Service

CISCO, Inc. has proven its effectiveness in handling large claims at substantial savings. CISCO, Inc. guarantees a face-to-face contact within five business days anywhere in the United States. Our experienced Adjustors meet personally with your customer to demand payment. Thorough investigations are made as to the customer's attainable assets. Public records are investigated to see what, if any, suits or judgments have been filed against your customer. Our findings are reported to you immediately, along with our recommendations. This service does require an advance, non-refundable service fee. Should it be necessary to transfer your account to our third party Immediate Collection or Attorney Forwarding Service and collection in full is made, the advance service fee would be refunded.

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