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Terms and Conditions

By placing your account(s) with CISCO, Inc. you authorize CISCO, Inc to act as your agent, and proceed to collect the account(s) according to CISCO, Inc. established terms and conditions. In the event it becomes necessary to forward your claims to attorneys for legal action, we direct and authorize CISCO, Inc., as our agent, and as a convenience to us, to assign the account(s) to a lawyer as designated by CISCO, Inc. CISCO, Inc. and the attorneys designated by CISCO, Inc. to represent us, are hereby authorized to accept payments and endorse checks, notes, money orders, drafts, or any other form of currency for deposit. CISCO, Inc. must receive authorization from us to proceed in filing a lawsuit or settle an account.

All payments, settlements, return of merchandise, credit issued, previously paid or withdrawn after demand is made by CISCO, Inc., are subject to regular fees.

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