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Performance Reports

Client Inventory
The Client Inventory report is an alpha listing of all accounts assigned for collection. Also, our  report can be programmed to include various fields of data to meet your individual requirements.

Performance and Statistics
Our Performance and Statistics report can be provided weekly, monthly, or when requested, giving your company a "snapshot" of CISCO, Inc.'s overall performance. This report provides an  update on the specific status code descriptions, as well as a recovery percentage on the age of the  receivables assigned. Also, with this report, you can monitor CISCO, Inc.'s recovery percentages  on various account balances.

History Analysis
CISCO, Inc.'s History Analysis report details the recovery performance on the number and dollar amount of all accounts assigned each month. In addition, it summarizes our performance on the  current and previous two years of assignments.

Comprehensive Status Reports
Our staff understands how important it is to keep our clients informed on all accounts assigned. All accounts assigned will receive an individual comprehensive status report, detailing the status of each account as well as our recommendations.

(All Performance Reports are available in hard or soft copy.)

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