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Letter Demand Service

Free Demand Letter Service:

This service is an effective, final, personalized demand letter sent to your customer on our letterhead. You can select the grace period, 5, 10, 15, 20 days for your customer to make payment.

At the expiration of your selected grace period, all uncollected balances will automatically be transferred to our Immediate Collection Service unless notified otherwise by you. All monies received and reported during the grace period will be FREE of any charge.


Pre-Collect Letter Service:

This service is an effective and inexpensive alternative for collecting your accounts that are not delinquent enough for our Immediate Collection Service.

CISCO will send a series of collection letters to your delinquent customer. These letters will be sent over a time interval of your choice. Our letter series begin with a mild approach and become increasingly stronger. (We have several letter series samples to choose from.)

Following the "Final Demand" letter in each series, a report will be sent to you listing all accounts paid or canceled. Any account not reported paid or canceled by you during this service, can either be transferred into our Immediate Collection Service or closed. You can cancel any letter series at any time by simply notifying us. Your customers are instructed to make all payment directly to your company.

Best of all, there is no membership fee, no pre-payments, and no coupons needed! Just simply pay per account as service is needed

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