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First Party Collection Services

Receivable Outsource Service (R.O.S.)

Receivable Outsource Service (R.O.S.) operates as a separate division of CISCO, Inc.

There are many benefits in using Receivable Outsource Service. When we service your accounts, we can either initiate contact with your customer in your name or R.O.S. Working in your name or R.O.S., we initiate professional and sensitive follow-up communications with your customers, by telephone and mail, to address payment issues. You define the tone that will satisfy your needs.

We provide the staff and support necessary to meet your objectives. We integrate our experience and staff to allow flexiblity in meeting your specific needs, whether it is a one-time or ongoing project.

Studies show first party outsourcing can help give today's corporations the strategic tool in getting the competitive advantage. R.O.S. is committed to establishing that partnership with companies wanting to create real value and savings.

Some of the reasons to use Receivable Outsource Service:

  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Downsizing
  • Centralization and Restructuring
  • Losing Contact with Customers
  • Reducing DSO
  • Increasing Cash Flow
  • LBO's
  • Inexperienced Staff
  • Hiring Freeze
  • Focusing on Quality
  • Customer Service
  • Annual Credit File Updates
  • System Conversions
  • Identifying Customer Disputes
  • Seasonal Fluctuations of Sales

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